Bringing your firearm into Namibia


It is recommended that your flight plans bring you direct into Windhoek Airport. Should you take the route that transits through South Africa you could become involved with the process of having to obtain a transit permit for your firearms passing through that country and delays may be experienced.

Firearms – Conventional:

Technically – there is no limit on the number of firearms that may be imported into Namibia for Trophy Hunting purposes.

However, It is recommended that a maximum of two ( 2 ) firearms be imported per hunting client.

Permission for any unconventional firearm to be imported for Trophy Hunting purposes must applied for to the Inspector General and be granted before your departure to Namibia.

Baggage – Firearms Cases:

Please adhere to the following procedure to minimise problems when traveling with firearms:

All bags need to be adequately marked with name-tags for identification.

Firearms – must be packed unloaded in a sturdy carry case.

Ammunition – must be stored in a secure lockable container and transported separately to your firearms for Airline check-in.

At the Airline check-in counter at the point of departure, insist that the attendant check your firearm directly through to Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek. Your bag tag should read, for example: New York – Frankfurt – Windhoek. Or Atlanta – Johannesburg – Windhoek. (This is sometimes not possible if the airlines that you are using do not have baggage agreements. Inquire about this before purchasing your ticket.);

Windhoek Airport’s International baggage code is WDH.

You are advised to physically check baggage tag to ensure that it has been correctly printed and attached. Inquire if a colorful ‘in transit tag’ is necessary when traveling through another country.

Ammunition and Allowable Quantities:

Only ammunition for the specific calibre of firearms you are importing may be imported.

A maximum of one-hundred (100) rounds of ammunition may be imported per hunting rifle.

It is suggested that you bring between sixty to eighty (60 to 80) rounds of ammunition per hunting rifle.

Take out full insurance cover for all firearms before traveling to and in any African country.

If traveling through South Africa, keep in mind that the Immigration Control there clears a maximum of two firearms for import.

Any unconventional firearm to be imported for Trophy-Hunting purposes is to be applied for to the Inspector General before your arrival.